Switch from GA Universal to GA4 easily without losing your data!

No worries! if you have no idea on how to go about it, we have got you covered.


Translate your views and filters from universal to GA4
The views feature is not in GA4. We can help out if you have lots of views in universal and you somehow need to capture that functionality in GA4.

Translate your events from universal to GA4
Out of all the changes from universal to GA4 events is one of the largest. Everything is now an event, since events are completely changed. So we will reimagine your own event configurations when moving your data from universal to GA4.

Configure your goals and conversions in GA4
In my humble opinion anything that makes your organization money, if you're a for-profit company, or anything that leads you towards your goals generally is a conversion.

Rebuild audiences from universal to GA4
Audiences are more like a combination of segments and audiences, yes there can be used for Google Ads but there can also do so much more.

Configure Custom Audiences
Leverage on the real power of GA4 by creating custom audiences, so that you'll stop looking at your visitors in one aggregate blob as if they all behave exactly the same and have the same motivations and outcomes.

Configure Custom Events

GA4 is an event driven model which means everything is part of an event.

Configure Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Custom definitions have been overhauled in GA4, which means you can't just take what you had in universal and move it to GA4. We need to rethink how we use custom dimensions and metrics.

GTM Integration

1. Centralized management of your tags 
2. Speed and agility
3. Corporate governance process
4. Data Accuracy
5. Increased Automation

Track Campaigns

Track data of different marketing initiatives by source, medium, campaign name, and other campaign dimensions.

The quest to understand why your user is doing what they're doing needs you to be willing to study the data at each point in your customer's journey

Do you know what percentage of your customers abandon their cart? if not, you are missing out on a huge
amount of revenue. In the Web Analytics world, this is known as potential revenue. If you are looking for a
number, it’s almost around 75%. That's huge right?

Customer journey optimization relies heavily on data. It helps you in identifying points of friction or points where people stop moving or leave the funnel altogether. 

Friction can happen at different points of the funnel. For instance, people may be aware of your product, but it may be hard to get them to become interested. 

That could happen if you just don't get your message across or don't explain the benefits of your product very well. That may mean you have to change your advertising message. 

You may also find that people who have become interested, but don't bite the bullet and decide to buy your product. That could be because a competitor may have a more attractive offer, or they may have a better message and people may decide to buy their product instead. 

In some cases, you may see people who've decided to get your product, but they failed to take action, and that could be because there's traction in the checkout process for instance, like on a website that's hard to navigate or that does not work well on a mobile phone. 

By studying the data on the number of people that make it from one stage to the next, or by evaluating the flow of how people navigate your website, these points of conflict come to light and that's what shows you where you should focus your efforts and adjust your marketing strategy, or in some cases, parts of the product or the sales process.

How do your users get to your site?

we'll help you understand if the time, effort, and money you are spending on your marketing efforts is working to attract the right amount and quality of customers you are looking for by drilling down into individual sessions of users that arrived your site.

How do your customers convert?

Knowing whether your customers who engage with the content on your site do convert, or take the actions you want them to take.

How do they engage with the content on your site?

If you invest heavily in content, then page content analysis reports is going to be critical for your site.

How do you keep your customers?

Analyzing your GA4 data to assess whether people who come to your site once come back again.
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