Allison Kingsley

what I am most proud of is finding meaningful work that puts my skills to use that matters to me, and adds value to people's lives, this is my leadership purpose. My name is Allison, Kingsley Osadim.

I was in a hopeless situation in my early twenties because after college I kept moving from one space to another unable to find the right fit. I was looking for something more solid, a career trajectory that I could follow for the rest of my life. what drove me was a feeling that unless I did that, all my education was going to go to waste as I hopped from one career to another.

Then one day, I secured a job as a network administrator in my sense “this was it” what I have been waiting for I was pumped up ready to achieve greater heights with my newfound job three years down the road standing in the rest-room of my office it hit me this isn’t what I wanted in life, my dream was to empower, add value, and meaning to people lives using my interest, education, and skill.

Eventually, the much-needed “aha moment” came when it struck me that “I should be a Tech SEO specialist although coming from a solid background in statistics and web development.” that’s when I realized how I could put my interest and education to use.

From that point on, it was just a matter of acting on my plan to become a Tech SEO Specialist.

Anyone can put their interests and education to use, but I am committed to life-long learning and am pushing myself to be the best in the industry where I would have to learn a lot so I can fulfill my life dreams of being a light in someone's darkness.

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for that moment standing in my office toilet when it clicked that I wanted to be a Technical SEO specialist.
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